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Adaptive Solutions


Through our training and consultation services, your business or organization can choose to promote fairness and equality for people with disabilities.

The Certified ADA Coordinators on our staff offer a wide variety of professional services for your business or organization. Disability Rights & Resources can help you ensure that your business or organization is compliant with disability-related civil rights laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Fair Housing Act, and others. Through our training and consultation services, your business or organization can choose to promote fairness and equality for people with disabilities, including your employees and your customers.

Our staff has years of experience working to make Charlotte and the surrounding counties more accessible, and promoting inclusion of people with disabilities. In the early 90’s, one of our staff was among the 25 North Carolinians chosen by the US Department of Justice to receive direct training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and was the first person from North Carolina to be certified as an ADA Coordinator. Our unique qualifications and expertise are the main reason that so many are choosing Disability Rights & Resources to train their employees, perform accessibility surveys of their properties, review their blueprints, and consult on all matters related to people with disabilities.

Training and Workshops

Disability Rights & Resources delivers in-depth training on a wide variety of topics related to disability civil rights law and people with disabilities. The subject matter, length, and format of training sessions are customizable to the needs of your business or organization. Our training sessions fulfill the requirements of Continuing Education in the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program. Additionally, we can provide mandatory ADA compliance training for employers who are under an EEOC settlement agreement.

Our signature Disability Awareness Training program will prepare your employees to interact with their customers and coworkers with disabilities in a respectful, legal, and appropriate way.

Here are more example training topics:
  • Accessibility Guidelines for Historic Properties
  • Accessibility Guidelines for Parking
  • Accessibility Guidelines for Voting
  • ADA: Business Responsibilities
  • ADA: Employment
  • ADA: Hospitality Industry
  • ADA: Overview
  • ADA: State & Local Government Requirements
  • ADA: Transportation Services
  • Aging and Disabilities
  • Community Living Transition
  • Customer Service and People with Disabilities
  • Disability as Diversity & Defining Disabilities
  • Disability Awareness, Sensitivity & Inclusiveness
  • Effective Advocacy Techniques
  • Fair Housing Requirements
  • Nonprofit Board of Directors Training
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
  • Specialized Training for Ushers and Box Office Personnel; Bus & Taxi Drivers; & Other Service Industry Personnel
  • Supreme Court Decisions Impacting People with Disabilities
  • Surveying Your Property for Accessibility
  • Using Public Transportation
  • Working with Scouts with Disabilities

Expert Consulting

Whether you are designing new buildings, renovating existing structures, or conducting real estate transactions, you need professional, documented assurance that all requirements of the ADA are met or exceeded. Disability Rights & Resources provides you with the documented information you need to move forward on any project with complete confidence. Consult with a qualified expert from Disability Rights & Resources to avoid costly mistakes and take positive steps towards inclusion and equality for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Surveys

Disability Rights & Resources will survey your property and provide you with a detailed report, complete with photographs, addressing every aspect of accessibility, as well as best practices for how to resolve any barriers to access.

Policy Review

Disability Rights & Resources will conduct a review of all business policies, including employee applications and manuals, and assist you in rewriting non-compliant policies and documents.

Blueprint Review

A Certificate of Occupancy is not a guarantee that a blueprint is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act. Disability Rights & Resources will review your blueprints and verify that federal laws governing accessibility are being followed. Additionally, we can provide you with best practices that go above and beyond federal requirements to promote usability and universal design.


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